KEEPING THE CONSUMER SAFE; LIVING WITH COVID Segment 10 : Covid Story 2 Part 2; The Dallas Story

Healthcare Consumer Navigator Center is a Healthcare Consumer Advocate Organization that helps consumer navigate the healthcare maze. The following Series “KEEPING THE CONSUMER SAFE; LIVING WITH COVID”.  Our goal is to provide a commonsense approach to living with covid with general healthcare information.

Part 2 of the family story regarding covid begins with the family member treated in the emergency and admitted to the hospital. After being discharged from the hospital another journey started.  The following will tell the story of both.


1/18/2021; Decided to go to the Emergency Room.  Doctor immediately started oxygen, check oxygen levels, ordered a chest Xray, ordered lab test, etc..  ADMITTED TO THE HOSPITAL AND SENT TO THE COVID ISOLATION UNIT.  ADMITTED BECAUSE THE PATIENT’S OXYGEN LEVELS WERE IN THE MID 70’S. NORMAL IN THE 90’S.  COVID NOW IN THE LUNGS.

1/18/2021-1/23/2021:  In Isolation; on oxygen 24/7,Drugs every 12 hours, tested every 8 hours, 3 Monocional Antibody Treatments, Etc…


1/23/2021:  Discharged from the hospital; Discharge orders were:  Oxygen 24/7 for two -three weeks until oxygen level maintained above 90 (you can buy a Home Pulse/Oxy Tester; recommend you buy one), prescribed drugs for 30-60 days, schedule a Primary Care doctor visit and a Pulmonologist visit, start walking to increase lung capacity,

1/24/2021:  Fired current Primary Care doctor and scheduled a follow visit with a new one and scheduled an initial visit with a Pulmonologist.

1/25/2021:  Telemedicine visit with new Primary Care Physician; Discussed current situation and scheduled a follow up on site visit in 90 days.  If starting to get sick, call to schedule a visit.

3/22/2021:  Telemedicine visit with Pulmonologist.  Reviewed chart and ordered a Chest Cat Scan to determine if there was any lung damaged caused by covid.  Scheduled a follow up visit to review results of the Cat Scan.


4/1/2021:  Walking every day for 2 months, Oxygen 24/7:  Pulse Oxy now at 90 Pulse level every day.  Oxygen discontinued.

4/3/2021:  Cat Scan performed

4/21/2021:  Follow up visit with Pulmonologist; Cat Scan results were very positive; no lung damage.  Released by the doctor.

5/15/2021:  In person visit with Primary Care doctor.  Had a complete physical and scheduled lab test.  Physical results were very good and subsequent lab test results were normal.


Take Aways:

Don’t be concerned about firing your doctor!  They are a service like anybody and if they do not perform, fire them!

Do some basic research to insure your doctors are prescribing the appropriate medications and tests

Make sure you have confidence in your primary care doctor.

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