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Yes, it is and…. Healthcare Consumerism is rapidly growing.  This is evidenced by employers, insurance companies and healthcare providers forcing the healthcare consumer to become more actively involved in planning and managing their healthcare.  Remember, we define a healthcare patient as receiving services; we define a healthcare consumer as making healthcare choices and decisions.  The healthcare consumer generally focuses on four areas that help them make decisions; Provider Experience, Healthcare Cost, Healthcare Quality, and Patient Satisfaction.  The healthcare consumer does not know how to access information about the healthcare system or healthcare process. Information is limited and difficult for consumers to find let alone understand.

Healthcare consumers do not plan for their for healthcare expenses or services. This is evidenced by an article in the December 2015 of the Journal of the American Medical Association that of employees choosing health insurance plans at a company with 24,000 employees that “61% of the employees chose plans for which no level or pattern of their healthcare spending could justify their choice.  These mistakes led employees in overspending an equivalent to 42% of the cost of their yearly insurance premiums.”

In addition, the healthcare consumer is looking for organizations they can trust.  Trust is the cornerstone. Most healthcare consumers have experienced something negative about the healthcare system. Negative experiences have set the stage for the consumer to be confused, frustrated and angry.

The healthcare consumer has a daunting job and many consumers are not prepared.  The provider community has an opportunity to educate and guide the healthcare consumer through the healthcare maze. Yes, an Opportunity…. consumers are looking for providers they can first trust and then develop a partnership.  Partnerships will create brand loyalty and brand loyalty will translate into repeat visits.

With that said, the following company and web site has been established:


Our Vision…The Need….The Mission Statement

Our company has a vision to demystify healthcare, develop healthcare transparency and to honestly communicate to all healthcare consumers.

Consumers need understandable healthcare information to make informed decisions regarding their medical and financial future.

Healthcare Consumer Navigator Center is a national company with a business mission  to guide consumers through the complex healthcare system.  Healthcare Consumers will be provided tools guides, information, and education to navigate the complexities of the healthcare systems.


Take a look and lets us know your comments and thoughts.


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