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We deliver practical information and insight to healthcare consumers, families and patients in very stressful times with advice that will help navigate through the healthcare process.

HCNC Saved Me $681

My daughter had emergency surgery while at college. I received many bills and asked HCNC to review them. They found the hospital processed an insurance payment wrong and was billing an additional $681 to me. They called the hospital, explained the problem and the hospital adjusted the bill.

I Received a Bill that was 18 Months Old

I received a $181 bill from my doctor that was 18 months old. I asked HCNC to review. They contacted the insurance company and doctor’s office to discover the bill sent to me was result of an audit performed by the insurance company requesting their payment back. The bill was not my responsibility and was adjusted.

Out of Network ER Bill was $5200

I went to the ER and the total bill was $5200. I had an insurance policy that had a $5000 deductible. My insurance was out of network and it paid $98. I made many calls to the hospital to find out if they would discount my bill. No Luck; I contacted HCNC. The hospital committed to a 20% discount. Other Insurance plans receive a 40% discount. We asked for a 40% discount and was turned down. We have filled a complaint with the State Department of Insurance requesting a meditation hearing. More to come.

I Received a $4000 Bill from My Surgeon

I had hip surgery and the procedure code used by the surgeon was denied because it was “experimental”.  Multiple attempts to reverse the denial were unsuccessful.  I thought I did very thing right before and after the surgery. I was wrong. I contacted HCNC and they investigated the claim on my behalf.  They were able to negotiate and convince the billing office to write off the $4000.

Personal/Family Healthcare Planning Navigator

ANNUAL FAMILY SPENDING INCLUDING PREMIUMS AND OUT OF POCKETS IS $5000. Whether you are single or have a family, planning your annual medical and financial healthcare plan is becoming very important.  The Healthcare Planner is a step by step guide to create the plan.

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Consumer Information Navigator

Healthcare is very confusing.  Consumers are exposed to healthcare terms, health insurance, out of pocket payments and a number of other situations that are frustrating to the consumer.  The Consumer Information Navigator will provide you with practical information, guidance and suggestions to navigate the healthcare process.

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Healthcare Quality Navigator

Quality in healthcare means providing the care the Consumer needs, when the Consumer needs it, in an affordable, safe, effective manner. Quality healthcare also means engaging and involving the Consumer, so the Consumer takes ownership in preventive care and in the treatment of diagnosed conditions.

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Healthcare Pricing Navigator

Our easy to follow, step by step process will guide the consumer to gather the information needed and than to secure a price from the healthcare provider for the healthcare service.  This will help the healthcare consumer to make informed healthcare decisions.

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The Healthcare Consumer Navigator Center is your all-inclusive healthcare reference site to guide you through the healthcare maze.

The Healthcare Consumer Needs Help

The typical healthcare consumer, at some point in time, will have a negative experience with or navigating the healthcare process.  The consumer lacks a basic understanding of the healthcare system. This is a deadly combination that creates consumer frustration and, at times, financial risk.

Consumers are being asked to do more and pay more for healthcare. These new variables will force the consumer to plan and implement a Personal/Family Healthcare Plan. The plan will help the consumer select the correct healthcare providers and budget for annual healthcare expenses.

Healthcare is changing rapidly. The following are several examples:

  • High deductible health plans are becoming the norm
  • Provider networks are changing and are shrinking
  • Consumer are forced to assume more medical and financial risk

These changes are forcing the consumer to plan!
HCNC is committed to assist the Healthcare Consumer.

FAQ’S About Healthcare Consumer Navigator Center

What does Healthcare Consumer Navigator Center do?
HCNC is a national organization that provides FREE guidance, advice and information to the Healthcare Consumer.
What Information do you provide consumers?
HCNC provides information, such as:
1. How to develop a Personal/Family Health Plan
2. What type of healthcare discounts are available to the consumer
3. What type of health insurance plans are available to the consumer
4. Monitoring and reporting on current healthcare consumer trends
Can I ask you questions about healthcare concerns?
Yes. Email us and we will answer your questions.
What is a Personal Family Health Plan?
A Personal Family Health Plan lays out the medical and financial requirements on an annual basis. Healthcare consumers plan for vacations, college, retirement, etc. but never for healthcare. The planning process guides the consumer to think and plan for healthcare.


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