Gary Prala

Gary is an expert in Hospital and Physician Practice operations.  He and his wife Judy started JGP Associates LLC, an independent consulting company, that has helped many hospitals and physician practices improve operations, productivity, patient satisfaction and overall financial performance.  With over 20 years of experience, he has an unique understanding of healthcare operations and an understanding of how consumers can become confused and frustrated.

He is committed to educate, inform and guide the healthcare consumer to improve the consumers’ understanding and reduce consumer frustration of the healthcare maze.

Judy Prala

Judy is an experienced Health Information Management professional with consulting and operations expertise in a wide variety of health care settings.  She has helped many hospitals and health care systems improve cash flow, profitability and over all clinical and financial performance. With over 20 years of Health Information Management experience, Judy has managed stand alone and multi hospital operations.  Additionally, she has completed numerous HIM assessments and engagements identifying significant improvements.

Jay Herron

Jay brings over 20 years as a CFO in large multi-hospital systems and 10 years of public accounting experience. In these roles, he has had responsibility for financial reporting, financial planning, risk management, investment management, debt management, revenue cycle and supply chain. Jay is a strong believer in innovation and using a professional service firm’s customer focus to project execution. Under his leadership, teams developed world class revenue cycle processes, reimbursement strategies to optimize Medicare Upper Payment Limit programs, supply chain approaches utilizing target costing, a captive insurance company to self -insure property losses, and investment strategies to optimize a wide variety of asset classes. As healthcare has undergone increasing regulatory complexity, Jay’s focus has been on being a change agent by championing transformational initiatives, including the introduction of lean process improvement.


Founded by Healthcare Professionals
Company started in May 2016
Web site launched December 2016
Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn launched  December 2016
First Press Release December 2016

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