How to Search for Hospitals Quality Ratings: A Step-by-Step Process GEN

If the hospital you are looking for is not included in the state reports above, follow the step by step process below to find your hospital and the quality indicators.


  1. Enter in your browser:
  2. “Find a Hospital” search tool will appear
  3. Enter Location or Hospital
  4.  Hit Search

The five star rating will appear next to hospital. Select the hospital and five tabs will appear  for you to review:


Leap Frog; Hospital Safety Scores

  1. Enter in your browser:
  2. The “How Safe is Your Hospital?” will appear
  3. Select one of the following search options:
    1. City/State
    2. Zip Code
    3. Hospital Name
    4. State
  4. Complete Search Box
  5. Hit Search

US News and Word Report

  1. Enter in your browser:
  2. At the end of Https above, add the state you want to search.
  3. A listing of hospitals will appear.  Some will have numbers assigned others will not.  Those with numbers are the ratings.

Health Grades

  1.  Enter in your browser:
  2. A screen will appear.  On top, “Find A Hospital” will appear.  Select it.
  3. A search box will appear.  Enter Hospital Name, City and State
  4. Hit enter
  5. The hospital will appear with a percentage grade.



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