Should Your Elderly Parents or You Be Living Alone? 12 Warning Signs

This template can be used as a checklist for documents you should store securely and share with others. Always keep original documents. Make copies of the most important ones (marked with an *) and have them certified. Store these separately, such as in a safe deposit box.


Document Share with
☐ Adoption or guardianship papers* Personal attorney, executor
☐ Annuity contracts Financial advisor
☐ Bank account documents Add name(s)
☐ Bank loan agreements Add name(s)
☐ Bank statements Add name(s)
☐ Birth certificates* Add name(s)
☐ Business licence* Add name(s)
☐ Cancelled checks Add name(s)
☐ Cemetery deeds Heir
☐ Citizen papers* Executor
☐ Credit card statements Add name(s)
☐ Death certificates Executor
☐ Degree and diploma certificates Add name(s)
☐ Divorce decree and settlement papers Personal attorney
☐ Employee benefits Add name(s)
☐ Employment contract Add name(s)
☐ Health or medical records Family doctor
☐ Home improvement documents Add name(s)
☐ House and real estate deeds and titles* Add name(s)
☐ Identity documents* Add name(s)
☐ Immunization records Family doctor
☐ Insurance policies Financial advisor
☐ Investment account statements/portfolios Financial advisor
Inventory of household items Financial advisor
☐ Inventory of documents – use this checklist Add name(s)
☐ Valuable possessions (art, jewelry, precious stones, etc.) valuation certificates Executor
☐ Lawsuits Personal attorney
☐ Letter of last instructions Executor
☐ Marriage certificate Executor
☐ Medical directives Executor, heir
☐ Medical bills Add name(s)
☐ Military discharge Add name(s)
☐ Mortgage documents Add name(s)
☐ Naturalization or immigration certification Add name(s)
☐ Passports* Add name(s)
☐ Passwords Add name(s)
☐ Pension plan documents Financial advisor
☐ Powers of attorney Family doctor, heir
☐ Prenuptial agreement* Add name(s)
☐ Property tax assessment Add name(s)
☐ Property titles – boats, aircraft, etc. Add name(s)
☐ Receipts of items under warranty Add name(s)
☐ Receipts of very expensive items Add name(s)
☐ Repeat medication prescription Family pharmacist
☐ Retirement plan benefits Financial advisor
☐ Safe deposit box inventory Add name(s)
☐ Social security cards and statements Financial advisor (statements)
☐ Stock and bond certificates Add name(s)
☐ Tax deductibles – supporting documentation Add name(s)
☐ Tax return with supporting documentation Add name(s)
☐ Trust declarations or agreements Executor, heir
☐ Vehicle repair receipts Add name(s)
☐ Vehicle titles Add name(s)
☐ Vehicle registration Add name(s)
☐ Warranties with receipts Add name(s)
☐ Will Executor, heir
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