Healthcare Pricing Navigator Index

Healthcare Pricing is impossible to understand. 

Trying to Find a Healthcare Price is even worse.

Our easy to follow, step by step process will guide the consumer to gather the information needed and than to secure a price from the healthcare provider for the healthcare service.  This will help the healthcare consumer to make informed healthcare decisions.

Our goal is to provide the healthcare consumer with all inclusive information to help navigate the pricing maze.


  1. Section 1: Navigate the Healthcare Pricing Maze
  2. Navigating the Healthcare Pricing Maze is frustrating for the consumer. This section will help you through that journey.

  3. How To Navigate the Healthcare Pricing Maze
  4. A guide to help healthcare consumers to identify web sites, research healthcare prices and navigate through the process.

  5. Medicare: Outpatient Procedure Price Lookup Tool
  6. A Tool to provide consumers with planning healthcare spending

  7. Section 2: How to Navigate the Hospital Price Transparency Act
  8. The NEW Pricing Transparency Act will help consumers find medical prices. The following will guide you through the process.

  9. The Hospital Price Transparency Act
  10. Beginning January 1, 2021, this Act mandates Healthcare providers to post thier charges for the healthcare to review and use.

  11. A Consumer Guild of the 70 Shoppable Services Mandated By CMS: In Layman's Language, What Are They
  12. This guide explains each Shoppable Service in Layman's Language

  13. CMS Hospital Mandated: Their 70 Shoppable Services: A Listing of the Services With the Appropriate CPT or DRG Codes Consumers Need To Know
  14. This Listing will help the consumer navigate the pricing maze on Hospital Websites with service identification and procedure codes.

  15. Surprise Billing Quizzify's Passes
  16. The documents provided in this section will help the consumer be protected from healthcare providers.

  17. Hospital Prices Must Now Be Transparent. For Many Consumers, They’re Still Anyone’s Guess.
  18. Consumers have made little progress with thier healthcare providers to provide prices. The Feds are not enforcing the laws.

  19. Hospitals Hide Pricing Data From Search Results
  20. Webpages for hundreds of hospitals require users to click through to find prices, undermining federal transparency rule, Journal analysis

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