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Originally conceived as a big step toward ensuring health care coverage and financial stability for our nation’s older population, Medicare is a federal insurance program that provides guaranteed health insurance for people age 65 and older and for younger people who qualify because of a disability. More commonly known as original Medicare or traditional Medicare, the program refers to the first two parts of Medicare, Part A and Part B, included in a bill that President Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law in 1965.

With a Medicare Advantage plan, your coverage comes from a private insurer even though you sign up for Part A and B through the federal government. You still must pay the Part B premium, and these plans must provide at least as much coverage as original Medicare, but they can have different out-of-pocket costs.

Advantage plans may offer additional coverage not part of original Medicare, such as dentalhearing, prescriptions and vision. Because most Medicare Advantage plans have a provider network, doctors you have already who are not part of the network could cost you more or not be covered at all. You may need permission from the plan’s officials, called prior authorization, to see a specialist.

Medicaid is a health insurance program available for qualified individuals meeting certain requirements. Qualified individuals include low-income adults, children, pregnant women, elderly adults, and people with disabilities. The program is administered by states but funded by both the federal government and the states themselves.


  1. SECTION 1: Medicare
  2. This section is dedicated to healthcare consumers that have Traditional Medicare.

  3. Government Lets Health Plans That Ripped Off Medicare Keep the Money
  4. More government waste. If only we could recover these monies.

  5. How and Why to Switch from a Medicare Traditional to a Medicare Advantage Plan
  6. Medicare Advantage provides all the benefits offered by Medicare Part A and Part B, and most Medicare Advantage plans also include prescription drug (Part D) coverage. If you’re relatively healthy or you don’t frequently use healthcare, switching to Medicare Advantage could end up saving you money.

  7. How and Why Do You Switch from Medicare Advantage to Original Medicare?
  8. If you’re thinking about changing Medicare plans, you’ll always have the option to switch from Medicare Advantage to Original Medicare and vice versa. However, you may not be able to change your coverage right away. Let’s talk about how and when you can do so.

  9. Section 2: Medicare Advantage
  10. Issues affecting Healthcare Consumers with Medicare Advantage Plans

  11. Why Medicare Advantage Plans Are Bad
  12. Healthcare Buyers need all the facts. Take a look.

  13. How to Evaluate The Pros and Cons of Medicare Advantage
  14. Planning and evaluating is a critical step to determine what Medicare Plan you need.

  15. Section 3: Medicare Trends
  16. Many consumers have Medicare Healthcare Insurance. This section identifies trends affecting the Medicare Consumer.

  17. A Bitter Battle Over the ‘Orphan Drug’ Program Leaves Patients’ Pocketbooks at Risk
  18. Drug Pricing,,,,Buyer Beware

  19. What Is a Medicare Advantage Plan, and Should You Sign Up for One? A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE
  20. Evaluating the options can be challenging, but there are steps you can follow to make the best decision for yourself.

  21. How are Medicare benefits changing for 2023?
  22. Check out the Key Takeaways

  23. How Many Seniors Have Student Loan Debt and Where Can They Find Help?
  24. Here’s what you need to know about the unique challenges for seniors and student loan debt and the types of student loan debt relief for seniors that are available.

  25. Social Security Recipients Could Get an 8.9% Raise Next Year
  26. Social Security monthly payments are expected to increase by 8.9% next year, according to a new estimate of the 2023 cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) by The Senior Citizens League (TSCL), a nonprofit advocacy group.

  27. Government Watchdogs Attack Medicare Advantage for Denying Care and Overcharging
  28. Medicare Advantage Plans maybe are Denying Care and Overcharging. Read this article to find out more.

  29. Medicare premiums to jump in part due to pricey Alzheimer's drug
  30. Older Healthcare Consumers who are covered under Medicare, be aware of the Premium increase

  31. Compare Original Medicare & Medicare Advantage
  32. This comparison will help you understand the difference between Traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage.

  33. Bipartisan Bill Would Alert Those Nearing Medicare Age About Late Fees
  34. A Senate-introduced bill aims to inform people before that point — many of whom are unaware of the late-enrollment fees.

  35. Medicare Surprise: Drug Plan Prices Touted During Open Enrollment Can Rise Within a Month
  36. Insurance companies can change what they pay to providers after you buy the plan...BEWARE

  37. Seniors Favor Advantage Plans; Beware of Tradeoffs: Dallas Morning News 11.9.2021
  38. More Benefits but More Restrictions....find out what they are.

  39. Medicare Patients Win the Right to Appeal Gap in Nursing Home Coverage
  40. A three-judge federal appeals court panel in Connecticut has likely ended an 11-year fight against a frustrating and confusing rule that left hundreds of thousands of Medicare beneficiaries without coverage for nursing home care, and no way to challenge a denial.

  41. Medicare to cover at-home COVID-19 tests MAYA GOLDMAN Modern Healthcare
  42. CMS has identified a pathway to enable Medicare coverage of rapid tests, which would close a gap in the federal pandemic response.

  43. Proposed Medicare Advantage Changes Cannot Accurately Be Called ‘Cuts,’ Experts Say
  44. Let's Make sure we understand the future of Medicare Advantage

  45. Section 3: Healthcare Pricing Trends
  46. Medical Pricing has ongoing changes. Tends will help you monitor the changes.

  47. CMS: Tighter price transparency enforcement, standardized requirements for hospitals are on the horizon
  48. The Feds are finally going after hospitals.

  49. Hospitals are back in the hot seat for their prices
  50. Medical Providers have been deficient to publish prices. Check out this article.

  51. Hospitals Often Charge Uninsured People the Highest Prices, New Data Show
  52. Buyer Beware.......understand the pricing policy of the healthcare provider you are going to use. This WILL save you money.

  53. Methodology: How the WSJ Analyzed Hospital Pricing Data
  54. As of January, U.S. hospitals are required to disclose the rates for all services that they have negotiated with insurers and the price they charge uninsured people who pay out of their own pocket

  55. Enacted Healthcare State Legislation: Pricing and Disclose of Healthcare Costs
  56. A state by state listing of all legislation that protects the healthcare consumer

  57. Section 4: Medicaid
  58. This section helps you navigate the Medicaid maze.

  59. Medicaid: What to Watch in 2023
  60. Medicaid has published changes. Find out what they are.

  61. 10 Things to Know About the Unwinding of the Medicaid Continuous Enrollment Provision
  62. Important information for Medicaid recipients to know.

  63. How to Apply for Medicaid and CHIP
  64. How to apply for Medicaid and Chips

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