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Consumer scams and fraud comes in many different shapes and forms. However, the official definition describes it as “deceptive practices that result in financial or other losses for consumers in the course of seemingly legitimate business transactions.”

Basically, this means that goods or services are sold using some form of deception. The goal is to make consumers pay more than would be reasonable, sometimes for products or services they will never receive. The practices are deceptive and unlawful and unsuspecting customers are conned out of a lot of money. As technology evolves, consumer scams evolve as well. This is why many now originate on the internet.

A lot of people believe that only unwitting people who are naive will be duped. In reality, however, anyone can be victimized by consumer fraud. For instance, you may be paying too much for a magazine subscription. This is something minor, but it can also be as bad as having your identity stolen.


  1. Section 1: Consumer Healthcare Scam Trends
  2. This section is dedicated to Healthcare Consumers identify and manage healthcare scams.

  3. How To Avoid a Scam Gov't
  4. Avoidance is Critical...FIND OUT HOW

  5. The top scams of 2022/2023 Gov't
  6. Check Out the top consumer scams!

  7. Internet Scam Checker at AARP® | Know About Current Scams AARP
  8. AARP SCAM CHECKER. A great tool.

  9. What To Do if You Were Scammed Gov't
  10. A guide if you were SCAMMED!!

  11. With Open Enrollment Approaching, Look Out for Health Insurance That Seems Too Good to Be True KHN
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  13. Scammers Are Using Fake Job Ads to Steal People’s Identities PROP
  14. Very unique SCAMS....CONSUMER BEWARE!!

  15. Fraudsters Are Duping Homeless People Into Signing Up for ACA Plans They Can’t Afford KHN
  16. This is a new

  18. How to report Healthcare Scams and Fraud

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