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Section 1: Your Guide to Develop Your Healthcare Personal/Family Planner Navigator


Healthcare consumers rarely think or plan about their healthcare.  Consumers spend more time planning for a family vacation than they do healthcare.  The Personal/Family Health Planner is a document that guides the healthcare consumer to develop an annual medical and financial plan.

Healthcare medical and financial events, planned or not planned, can be devastating to an individual or family.  At a minimum, your Personal/Family Health Plan can plan for expected healthcare events, such a new baby, surgical procedure to fix your hip, etc….  In addition, your Personal/Family Health Plan can take into account any chronic health conditions that currently exist and your age.  The older you are, the likelihood exists you will have more medical problems.

Planning for your healthcare annually can be very daunting.  As the healthcare landscape changes, this process will become very important.  Today’s healthcare consumer has been delegated the responsibility to manage their healthcare.  The goal is to help the consumer with a practical approach to plan for their healthcare. The following steps will start the process.

Section 2:  Sponsored Programs:  Medicare. Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and Social Security Navigator

Heading into retirement brings a slew of new topics to grapple with, and one of the most maddening may be Medicare. Figuring out when to enroll in Medicare and which parts to enroll in can be daunting even for the savviest consumers. There’s Part A, Part B, Part D, medigap plans, Medicare Advantage plans and so on. And what the heck is a doughnut hole, anyway?

Medicaid is changing, and our goal is to provide the consumer help to navigate the changes.

Social Security is a HOT TOPIC.  This section will help you navigate changes that may affect you.

Our goal is to help the consumer navigate Traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage.


  1. Section 1: Your Guide to Develop Your Healthcare Personal/Family Planner
  2. The following will help plan and develop a personal healthcare plan.

  4. Selecting a healthcare plan is very important. Take your time!!

  6. This is a great way to save money.

  8. This is a very critical step in managing your healthcare. Take your time and do your research.

  10. Healthcare money management is very important. Develop a budget.

  11. Section 2: Healthcare Medicare/Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and Social Security Navigator
  12. NEW

  13. SECTION A: Medicare
  14. This section is dedicated to healthcare consumers that have Traditional Medicare.

  15. Who’s eligible for Medicare? Gov't
  16. This section will explain if you are eligible.

  17. When does Medicare coverage start? Gov't
  18. Knowing when Social Security starts is very important when planning for retirement.

  19. How do I sign up for Medicare? Gov't
  20. Follow these steps to guide you through the process.

  21. Medicare Costs Gov't
  22. Know your cost. This document will help you understand.

  23. How and Why to Switch from a Medicare Traditional to a Medicare Advantage Plan Gov't
  24. Medicare Advantage provides all the benefits offered by Medicare Part A and Part B, and most Medicare Advantage plans also include prescription drug (Part D) coverage. If you’re relatively healthy or you don’t frequently use healthcare, switching to Medicare Advantage could end up saving you money.

  25. Section B Medicare Advantage
  26. Issues affecting Healthcare Consumers with Medicare Advantage Plans

  27. What is Medicare Advantage? Gov't
  28. Before signing up, understand the plan..

  29. Things to know about Medicare Advantage Plans Gov't
  30. These 15 items are a great check list to use.

  31. When Can I Apply for Medicare Advantage? Gov't
  32. This is very important to understand.

  33. How and Why Do You Switch from Medicare Advantage to Original Medicare? Ins Co Gov't
  34. If you’re thinking about changing Medicare plans, you’ll always have the option to switch from Medicare Advantage to Original Medicare and vice versa. However, you may not be able to change your coverage right away. Let’s talk about how and when you can do so.

  35. Section C: Medicare Trends
  36. Many consumers have Medicare Healthcare Insurance. This section identifies trends affecting the Medicare Consumer.

  37. Government Lets Health Plans That Ripped Off Medicare Keep the Money KHN
  38. More government waste. If only we could recover these monies.

  39. A Bitter Battle Over the ‘Orphan Drug’ Program Leaves Patients’ Pocketbooks at Risk KHN
  40. Drug Pricing,,,,Buyer Beware

  41. Government Watchdogs Attack Medicare Advantage for Denying Care and Overcharging KHN
  42. Medicare Advantage Plans maybe are Denying Care and Overcharging. Read this article to find out more.

  43. Medicare Surprise: Drug Plan Prices Touted During Open Enrollment Can Rise Within a Month KHN
  44. Insurance companies can change what they pay to providers after you buy the plan...BEWARE

  45. Section D: Medicaid
  46. This section helps you navigate the Medicaid maze.

  47. How to apply for Medicaid and CHIP Gov't
  48. This "HOW TO guide will help you navigate the process.

  49. 10 Things to Know About the Unwinding of the Medicaid Continuous Enrollment Provision KHN
  50. Important information for Medicaid recipients to know.

  51. Section E: Social Security
  52. Navigating changes in Social Securit

  53. Social Security Chief Orders Broad Review of Benefit Overpayments
  54. WOW I hope they can recover the MONEY

  55. Who is eligible to receive Social Security survivors benefits and how do I apply? Gov't
  56. Knowing if you are eligible is how to start.

  57. How do I apply for Social Security retirement benefits? Gov't
  58. "HOW TO" apply for Social Security.

  59. Hot to in Appy for SSDI and SSI benefits for people with disabilities Gov't
  60. Don't forget about disability benefits.

  61. Section F: Nursing Homes
  62. Information to guide you through the Nursing Home Maze

  63. Nursing Homes Say They Can’t Afford Higher Staffing. But Their Finances Are Often Opaque.
  64. Things to know about Nursing Homes

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