Do FREE Pharmacy Saving Cards Save You Money?

There are many FREE Pharmacy Saving Cards available.  Many times, they are sent to the healthcare consumer unsolicited.  They generally do not save you any money especially if you have health insurance.


Also, the healthcare consumer runs the distinct risk that these are what is called  a “skimmer plan” – one that traps and collects your personal data from signup and usage and sells that information to information aggregators – big databases who then sell your personal info or at least contact info to advertisers to send you ads or offers related to your purchases. JUNK MAIL!!!!!  Much like most chain store discount cards or loyalty cards are sold to data aggregators. MORE JUNK MAIL!!!!  If you have junk mail and advertising call and such blocking turned on you might not notice it, but turn off your advertising protection and you will see how fast you start getting inundated with ads related to your prior purchases.

For more information about other FREE Pharmacy Discount Cards, google this search phrase – quite a few comments about it being a scam that claims to be a full health care plan rather than just a pharmacy discount card, and good articles are available.

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