Employer Plan Deductibles Increase by 11 Percent: Survey

In 2018, the share of workers enrolled in high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) resumed increasing, and deductibles among all workers increased by an average of 11 percent from the year before, according to a national survey.

When authors of the benchmark Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) Employer Health Benefits Survey examined deductibles in employer-sponsored insurance (ESI) plans and included those without a general annual deductible, the average deductible among all covered workers rose to $1,350 in 2018. That was a 53 percent increase from five years earlier.

Eighty-five percent of people with ESI coverage had a general annual deductible—an increase from 81 percent in 2017.

Among only those who had deductibles, the average deductible was $1,573 for single coverage and was much bigger at small firms ($2,132) than at large firms ($1,355).

Forty-two percent of covered workers in small firms and 20 percent in large firms were in a plan with a deductible for single coverage of at least $2,000—similar rates to 2017.

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