Doctors and Patients (Consumers) have Dissimilar Opinions of Online Ratings; Hospital Systems versus Independent Web Site

A new study published by the Journal of General Internal Medicine shows that doctors and patients (consumers) clearly are at odds when it comes to ratings.

Doctors trust the health system ratings versus the independent web sites.  Conversely, consumers trusted the independent web sites versus the health systems.

The researchers surveyed 828 doctors with affiliation’s with of one of four hospitals in an accountable care organization and 494 patients who received care.

53% of the doctors surveyed replied that they read the on-line reviews about themselves, while 39% of the consumers checked out the doctors.

The results of the study show that web site online ratings stress out the doctors with78% of the doctors responding but, enables the consumer.  39% of doctors stated that the surveys affect doctor/patient relations.

The consumer needs to become more knowledgeable when it comes to rating and researching doctors.  Based on the study, only 39% of the consumers did any research.



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