2018 ACA Premiums to Increase

As reported in the Wall Street Journal on August 2, 2017, the major health insurers are seeking significant rate increases.  The following is a listing of several states and the proposed rate increases:

Idaho:  30%                                                  New Hampshire:  40% plus

West Virginia:  30%                                   Kentucky:  30% plus

South Carolina:  30%                                 Delaware:  20% plus

Iowa:  30%                                                    South Carolina:  20% plus

Wyoming:  30%                                           Montana:  20% plus

New Mexico:  20%                                     Oklahoma:  8.3%

Texas:  23.6%                                               North Dakota:  20%

Hawaii:  20%                                                Illinois:  16%

Tennessee:  20%

With the size of the rate increases, consumers should start planning their healthcare spending and medical requirements by using the Personal/Family Healthcare Planning Navigator within this Web Site.

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