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The Consumer Trends Navigator Section keeps the healthcare consumer updated on any changes that will affect the current status of healthcare.  These updates will be posted when the change occurs.  The healthcare consumer should review this section weekly to stay updated.  A NEW SECTION CALLED CONSUMER SCAMS:  This new section will identify issues that the healthcare consumer needs to know fast.  These new issues could affect the healthcare consumer in many different ways if they are unaware.


  1. Section 1: Consumer Trends
  2. This section will help the consumer what and how current healthcare trends will affect them.

  3. New California Law Offers Fresh Protection From Steep Ambulance Bills
  4. Consumer Beware....

  5. Health Insurers Have Been Breaking State Laws for Years
  6. States have passed hundreds of laws to protect people from wrongful insurance denials. Yet from emergency services to fertility preservation, insurers still say no.

  7. You Have a Right to Know Why a Health Insurer Denied Your Claim. Some Insurers Still Won’t Tell You.
  8. Federal regulations require insurers to promptly hand over records to patients facing claim denials. Some insurers only turned over their files after ProPublica reached out.

  9. Doctors Are Disappearing From Emergency Rooms as Hospitals Look to Cut Costs KHN
  10. WOW....Consumer should know what to look for.

  11. Era of ‘Free’ Covid Vaccines, Test Kits, and Treatments Is Ending. Who Will Pay the Tab Now? KHN
  12. New regulations to cost the consumer more

  13. Reentry Programs to Help Former Prisoners Obtain Health Care Are Often Underused KHN
  14. A little used program to help released prisoners.

  15. No-Cost Preventive Services Are Now in Jeopardy. Here’s What You Need to Know. KHN By Julie Appleby APRIL 7, 2023
  16. Consumers Beware. This could cost more out of pocket expense.

  17. The Doctor Didn’t Show Up, but the Hospital ER Still Charged $1,012 KHN
  18. When the surgeon didn’t appear after more than an hour, the wife took her son home. The hospital told her to make a follow-up appointment with a doctor, which turned out to be unnecessary because the burn healed quickly.

  19. Section 2: For Politicians and Concerned Citizens-Billions of Taxpayers Wasted Dollars..
  20. Waste is defined as the thoughtless or careless expenditure, mismanagement, or abuse of resources to the detriment (or potential detriment) of the U.S. government. Waste also includes incurring unnecessary costs resulting from inefficient or ineffective practices, systems, or controls.

  21. Why Doctors Spend Millions on Fees That Could Be Spent on Providing Care PROP
  22. Contact your government official about this scam.

  23. The Hidden Fee Costing Doctors Millions Every Year PROP
  24. Lobbyists will....we lose.

  25. How Medicare Advantage Plans Dodged Auditors and Overcharged Taxpayers by Millions KHN
  26. Medicare waste............Washington needs to do something to stop this.

  27. Section 3: Kaiser Bill of The Month
  28. Kaisers’ BILL OF THE MONTH is a very informative series of real-life events affecting the healthcare consumer. The healthcare consumer can learn from these events.

  29. The Hospital Bills Didn’t Find Her, but a Lawsuit Did — Plus Interest
  30. Don't Forget about your medical bills.

  31. When That Supposedly Free Annual Physical Generates a Bill
  32. Check out benefits before your physician visit

  33. She Received Chemo in Two States. Why Did It Cost So Much More in Alaska?
  34. Benefits are important to understand.

  35. She Paid Her Husband’s Hospital Bill. A Year After His Death, They Wanted More Money.
  36. Delayed bills you have to pay.

  37. His Anesthesia Provider Billed Medicare Late. He Got Sent to Collections for the $3,000 Tab.
  38. Billing issues: CONSUMER BEWARE

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