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  1. No Surprise Act: How is the No Surprises Act going to affect Physicians. ; Part 10
  2. No Surprise Act: What is an Advanced EOB? ; Part 8
  3. Consumers need to understand this segment of the law. Very important consumer information from your insurance company.

  4. Health insurers must pay for your at-home Covid tests as of Jan. 15—here’s how to get reimbursed
  5. Healthcare Consumers.....away to save money

  6. No Surprises Act: The Act Includes Telehealth; Part 11
  7. He Donated His Kidney and Received a $13,064 Bill in Return
  8. GoodRx – How It Works and When You Should Use It
  9. Biden Unveils Nursing Home Quality Improvement Plan
  10. The Case of the $489,000 Air Ambulance Ride
  11. House Advances Bill Capping Insulin Prices At $35 A Month
  12. Arbiters to expand surprise billing dispute resolution reviews, CMS says MAYA GOLDMAN Modern Healthcare
  13. No Surprise Act: Surprise billing arbitration portal opens to payers, providers after delay
  14. No Surprise Act: Notices you may get & whether you should sign them
  15. No Surprise Act: Impact on Healthcare Payors; Part 4
  16. Your Healthcare Insurance Company plays a major role in the No Surprise Act Process. This section will explain the impact.

  17. No Surprise Act: Impact on Healthcare Consumers With and No Insurance; Part 5
  18. The consumers with or without health insurance needs to know what is covered under the act. This section will help .

  19. No Surprise Act: Impact on Healthcare Consumer Notice and Consent; Part 6
  20. Consumers need to be very aware of the all consents and notices that the act includes. CONSUMER BEWARE OF CONSENTS BEFORE YOU SIGN ANYTHING!!

  21. No Surprise Act: Independent Dispute Resolution Process; Part 7
  22. The consumer needs to be aware of the process. CONSUMERS ARE NOT INVOLVED; IT IS BETWEEN THE PAYOR AND PROVIDER.

  23. No Surprise Act: How is the No Surprises Act going to be enforced? ; Part 9
  24. I Write About America’s Absurd Health Care System. Then I Got Caught Up in It.
  25. Can Mark Cuban’s online pharmacy save us?
  26. Medicare Patients Win the Right to Appeal Gap in Nursing Home Coverage
  27. Medicare Part B Premium Increase for 2022 Largest Ever
  28. Medicare to cover at-home COVID-19 tests MAYA GOLDMAN Modern Healthcare
  29. No Surprise Act: Impact on Healthcare Consumer; Part 2
  30. Once finalized, the rule will protect consumers from surprise medical bills for emergency services, air ambulance services provided by out-of-network providers and non-emergency services provided by out-of-network providers at in-network facilities.

  31. Seniors Favor Advantage Plans; Beware of Tradeoffs: Dallas Morning News 11.9.2021
  32. More Benefits but More Restrictions....find out what they are.

  33. Compare Original Medicare & Medicare Advantage
  34. This comparison will help you understand the difference between Traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage.

  35. No Surprise Act: Impact on Healthcare Provider; Part 3
  36. Once finalized, the rule will protect consumers from surprise medical bills for emergency services, air ambulance services provided by out-of-network providers and non-emergency services provided by out-of-network providers at in-network facilities.

  37. Optimizing Flex Spending (FSA) and Health Saving Accounts (HSA)
  38. Saving strategies can help the consumer manage and optimize out of pocket healthcare spending. These accounts have tax advantages for the healthcare consumer.

  39. Basic Terms You Need to Know When Navigating Healthcare
  40. This section will help the healthcare consumer understand, talk about and navigate through healthcare.

  41. Introduction to the No Surprise Act and the Consumer Guide; Part 1
  42. The No Surprises Act, effective January 1st, 2022, aims to protect consumers from at least one contributor to the problem: unexpected bills for out-of-network care in emergency and non-emergency settings.

  43. Medicare premiums to jump in part due to pricey Alzheimer's drug
  44. Older Healthcare Consumers who are covered under Medicare, be aware of the Premium increase

  45. What are Essential Health Benefits
  46. All healthcare insurance plans are required to provide essential healthcare benefits. The consumer should know what the benefits are available.

  47. Healthcare Discounts Available to the Consumer
  48. Consumers are bombarded with offers of discounts for everything they purchase. Healthcare is no different with one exception; most consumers are not aware they are available. This section will explain how to secure a discount.

  49. How Medical Billing Works
  50. Medical billing can be very confusing for the consumer to understand and navigate. This section will explain the billing process and what the healthcare consumer can expect.

  51. Medical Bills that have been sent to a Collection Agency
  52. The consumer should know their options and strategies when a bill sent to a collection agency.

  53. Understanding the Pre-Certification Process for Elective Services
  54. Some specific services covered under the consumers’ health insurance plan may require the healthcare provider to obtain an authorization to perform the service. Consumers need to be aware of these requirements to be assured of payment form their insurance company.

  55. Appealling a Medical Bill that was Denied by Your Insurance
  56. Insurance companies routinely deny services that require the healthcare provider and consumer to appeal. This section will guide the consumer through the appeal process.

  57. Selecting the Right Healthcare Insurance Plan
  58. Picking the right healthcare insurance plan is very important. Customizing the right plan for the consumer will insure proper coverage and minimum expense

  59. How to Plan for and What to Expect During your Hospital Stay
  60. Most healthcare consumer are paralyzed when themselves or family members are admitted to a hospital. This section will explains how the consumer can navigate the healthcare process.

  61. Selecting Your Healthcare Providers
  62. All doctors are not created equal. This guide will help consumers select the right doctor for their family and themselves.

  63. What is Telehealth, Telecare and Telemedicine?
  64. Understanding and using telemedicine will be very important for healthcare consumers. This section will define, educate and guide the healthcare consumer through telemedicine.

  65. Safety Net Hospitals; A Resource for the Healthcare Consumers
  66. Healthcare consumers need to understand what are Safety Net Hospitals, how they work and how they can be leveraged to benefit the consumer.

  67. How To Navigate the Healthcare Pricing Maze
  68. A guide to help healthcare consumers to identify web sites, research healthcare prices and navigate through the process.

  69. How To Determine Healthcare Provider Quality
  70. To educate and guide the healthcare consumer in determining the quality ratings of healthcare providers

  71. Top 15 Most Popular Health Websites
  72. To help the Healthcare Consumer with researching Healthcre Topics

  73. Observation Care and Services; A Consumer’s Guide of What You Need to Know
  74. Understanding and Managing Observation Status when admitted to a hospital can be very confusing. The HCNC Observation Status Guide will help the Consumer Navigate through the process.

  75. A Healthcare Consumer Guide to Understanding and Managing Balance Billing
  76. Understanding and Managing Balance Billing is confusing and frustrating. This section will provide the consumer with tools, information and web sites to navigate through the balance billing process.

  77. Tips to Maximize Your High Deductible Health Plan
  78. Maximizing the benefits of your health insurance plan can save you money. Take advantage of these tips.

  79. Enacted Healthcare State Legislation: Pricing and Disclose of Healthcare Costs
  80. In the past decade, health care price transparency or disclosure  of costs has emerged as a hot topic in state legislatures, as a strategy for containing health costs.

  82. Selecting the right Healthcare Provider in an Emergency situation can save you time and money.

  83. State By State Medical Records Copying Fees
  84. Find out what healthcare providers will charge you for your medical record

  85. A Guide to Create, Manage and Use Your Personal Health Record
  86. Creating, Managing and Using Your Personal Health Record is a very powerful tool to manage your healthcare. Most Healthcare Consumers do not have a clue. This guide will help you get started.

  87. How to Report a Doctor or Hospital for Malpractice
  88. Reporting Malpractice is important. Find out how to create and file a report.

  89. Common Medical Errors that May Lead to a Lawsuit
  90. Find out if you have been exposed to a Medical Malpractice. This guide will help answer that questions.

  91. 20 Tips To Help Prevent Medical Errors: Patient Fact Sheet
  92. Healthcare Consumers are empowered in Preventing Medical Errors. These common sense tips will guide the consumer to that end.

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