Consumer Trends Navigator Index


The Consumer Trends Navigator Section keeps the healthcare consumer updated on any changes that will affect the current status of healthcare.  These updates will be posted when the change occurs.  The healthcare consumer should review this section weekly to stay updated.


  1. 2018 Marketplace ACA Health Insurers Are Withdrawing; Rate Increases for 2018 will be Extreme
  2. Reinstatement of Health Reimbursement Accounts
  3. Consumers do not Understand Basic Health Insurance Terms
  4. Insurers Required To Update Their Doctor Directories
  5. In Network Versus Out Of Network Services...Consumers Beware
  6. Female Doctors’ Patients Fare Better than Male Doctors’
  7. Employers offering Gap Insurance Plans to cover Out Of Pocket Expenses
  8. Doctor Shortage due to Travel Ban; January 2017
  9. Foreign Educated Doctor's Patients Fare Better than U.S.Educated Doctors'
  10. Doctors and Patients (Consumers) have Dissimilar Opinions of Online Ratings; Hospital Systems versus Independent Web Site
  11. Are Healthcare Consumers Smart Shoppers?
  12. Choosing a Health Insurance Plan Can Cost You Money
  13. Collection Agencies Win the Right to Demand Payment of Expired Debts
  14. Texas Expands Balance Billing Laws
  15. Medicare Drug Costs Have Increased
  16. 2018 ACA Premiums to Increase
  17. Planning for Medicaid: A Little Known Healthcare Strategy
  18. Molina Healthcare to Leave Several Exchanges
  19. No Pay Policy for Non-Emergent ED Visits Spreading by Insurance Companies
  20. Consumers Be Aware: Insurance Networks are Becoming Smaller
  21. Almost 2 Million Healthcare Consumers Have Dropped Health Insurance
  22. Open Enrollment for Obamacare to Begin November 1, 2017
  23. Medical Bad Debt Reporting To Benefit Consumers
  24. Do Wellness Programs Work?
  25. Buyer Beware: Freestanding Emergency Room Operator Exits Bankruptcy
  26. Hospitals Invest in Freestanding Clinic
  27. New Medicare Cards Are Coming
  28. Do FREE Pharmacy Saving Cards Save You Money?
  29. Nurse Practitioners….The New Way to Manage Your Primary Care
  30. Consumer Beware!!!! Is that Urine Test Routine?
  31. Study shows consumers are using healthcare less but paying more!!
  32. Trumps New Plan….Pay Less; Get Less
  33. The Future of Hospitals
  34. Healthcare Price Transparency Study
  35. A $37 Billion Failure…. Electronic Health Records…What the US Invested!!!
  36. Beyond the OUT OF COST of healthcare, are their other financial effects?
  37. Curative Versus Preventative for Chronically Ill Patient is Increasing Healthcare Costs
  38. Buyer Beware…Healthcare Providers Offering Financing Plans
  39. Air Ambulances: Taking Healthcare Consumers for an Expensive Ride
  40. Free Credit Freezes are Here
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